Anita the founder of Workforce Wellness Ltd is a seasoned professional with an impressive 15-year plus track record in the health and wellbeing industry and stands as the cornerstone of the business.

Commencing her journey in 2006, Anita undertook rigorous training as a personal trainer, demonstrating a commitment to holistic health from the outset. In tandem with her fitness expertise, she expanded her skill set by concurrently pursuing qualifications in Sports Massage therapy, thereby broadening her scope within the wellness landscape.

Maintaining Consistency Motivation

Always Growing

Over the years, Anita’s dedication to continuous learning has propelled her to acquire diverse qualifications and hands-on experience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of health and wellbeing. Her expertise extends beyond the conventional boundaries of fitness training and massage therapy, showcasing a wealth of transferable skills that make her an invaluable asset to Workforce Wellness Ltd.

Anita prioritises both personal and environmental health, integrating eco-friendly practices into her workplace wellness company.  From sustainable products to ethically sourced supplies, every aspect of her company reflects a dedication to sustainability.  By doing so, she promotes employee wellbeing and contributes to preserving the planet for future generations.